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Cheapest Dedicated Server Offers
Start from $40/Monthly
  • Services : At CILVIN you can find economical servers at very cheap prices suitable for all customers projects

10GBPS Servers

With Unshared 10Gbps Ports
Start from $40/Monthly
  • Services : For services that need very large quantities of data transfer per second (Dedicated 10GBPS Uplink Port)

16 IP Servers

16 IPs With No Monthly Fees
Start from $40/Monthly
  • Services : Purchase 16 IP Address for your server with No monthly fees in the future (Save $ 48 per month)

Managed Servers

Let us manage your server and services
Start from $40/Monthly
  • Services : We will manage, secure, install, monitor and resolve all your server problems on your behalf

Storage Servers

Add Drive Optional (max 8 HD)
Start from $40/Monthly
  • Services : Servers can store more than 72 terabytes of data and databases

Games Servers

Low Ping Game Servers With DDoS
Start from $40/Monthly
  • Services : Low ping game servers with powerful anti-DDoS GAME mitigation for professionals

Cloud Servers

Customize your server resources
Start from $40/Monthly
  • Services : You can resize your infrastructure at any time by adding or deleting resources.

Server Offers

Buy Cheap Server Offer
Start from $40/Monthly
  • Services : Here you will find all offers from servers at very cheap prices (very large discounts for servers)

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