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The best WordPress hosting understands your business needs

Tens of years of experience building websites using Word Press in a smart and safe way, with one click you can install the latest version of Word Press and leave the rest to us.

WordPress Pro
Build Your First Website
The easiest way to create your new website
~ 10,000 Visits Monthly
50GB Web space
Unlimited bandwidth
One-Click Installation
Advanced Security
1000 Mailboxes
eXtend Control Panel
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Managed WordPress
Let us help you manage your Wordpress
Top-Rated Managed WordPress Support
~ 100,000 Visits Monthly
Unlimited Web space
Unlimited bandwidth
One-Click Installation
Managed WordPress
Unlimited Mailboxes
eXtend Control Panel
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Every WordPress Hosting Package Comes With:

  • All Updates

  • Fast Support

  • Fast WordPress Launch

  • Manage your sites easily

  • 99.99% Uptime SLA

  • Advanced Security

  • Advanced Control Panel

  • Back-ups (Optional)

  • Free Migration

  • Database Access

  • Private Email

  • Built-in plugins

 WordPress Hosting Frequently Asked Questions

What is WordPress Hosting?

WordPress is the most famous tool that makes it easy for you to design and manage your website (36% of the web is built on WordPress), so you must have specialized hosting to run this type of software correctly and with high security, so Cilvin.com has dedicated high-quality servers to host WordPress websites and customize them for beginners and professionals alike, here we are At Cilvin.com focus on speed and safety for the WordPress platform to give our customers the best experience and availability for their websites.

Can I transfer my WordPress hosting to Cilvin ?

Yes, we can transfer your website on your behalf, just provide us with login information for your website and we will start transfer all files and databases and re-upload them to your new hosting with Cilvin, do not hesitate to request that from Cilvin’s technical support.

Do you offer Email Service for my WordPress ?

Yes, we provide you with the e-mail services included with the service of hosting WordPress, through the control panel you can create a large number of e-mail.

If someone hacked my WordPress website, would you help me restore it and protect my site?

This requires you to purchase Managed WordPress package in order to be able to manage your Word Press website. We will work hard to restore your website online, after that we will track the hack process and make the necessary to not happen again.

Can you manage my WordPress website ?

Yes, we have offer Managed WordPress package to be able to manage your WordPress website hand in hand with you, the experts at Cilvin will assist you as much as possible to manage your website from additional installations and customizations, also we will monitor your website, maintain and update it always.

Can I ask Cilvin for WordPress Hosting support ?

Certainly we at Cilvin are always ready to provide assistance to our customers, we provide assistance through various methods including technical support tickets, live chat, phone and email, so if you face any problem in Word Press do not hesitate to ask for help and advice from our experts.

Can i set up my WordPress / database my self?

Yes, we will provide you with a complete control panel, so you can install WordPress with one click or upload files via FTP if you want, and also you can manage your website database.

Can I access my WordPress installation?

Yes, via file manager you can access your files easily and modify your website files as you wish, and there is also database manager to manage your data ease and safety.

Can you help me to install SSL certificates ?

Yes, we can help you installing SSL certificates for your WordPress website. Contact us and we will help you choose the best certificate that suits your website, whether it is personal or commercial.

Do you offer Backups for my WordPress Website files & Database?

Always and always, we advise you to take a backup copy and download it to you, we take a back up of all our servers on a daily basis, but we do not guarantee that the data will not be lost for some reason, for this we have provided you with the feature of downloading a backup copy of your WordPress website always available.