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Boleto Bancario

Boleto Bancario

CILVIN Company accepts Boleto Bancario payments as a method of payment to pay bills, under specific conditions and restrictions with a high security policy.

You can buy web services using your Boleto Bancario payments ,to find another payment method, please click here.

Get your website hosting and domain name and servers / VPS.

also it’s good payment method to pay with for web design,buy applications and programming fees.

Additional things that you can buy with Boleto Bancario from CIVLIN :

  • Hosting and domain services, such as WordPress hosting, chat hosting, Premium hosting, games hosting, e-mail and media server hosting.
  • You can purchase full server services and VPS servers with various control panels.
  • You can purchase web services such as building and designing websites, building applications, programming services and e-marketing services.
  • It is possible to purchase technical and services related to information technology, such as protection from ADDOS Attacks, domain protection, IPTV channel services, and VPN services.
  • Network services such as Cisco network programming, LAN and WAN networks, Mikrotik networks and information security.

More Information : Boleto Bancario is a popular online Brazilian payment method that is virtually fraud-proof. Customers who pay online with Boleto Bancario fill out an online form with their personal information and receive a printable voucher at checkout, which they may then take into a local bank or convenience store to settle using cash or any other payment option accepted there.

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If you face any problem in paying with Boleto Bancario, please contact one of our employees to help you to complete the payment process.

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