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CILVIN.COM More than 10 years experience since 2007

Green Hosting
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Our web hosting features include, but aren't limited to:

  • Web hosting without limits: Unlimited space and bandwidth means that, unlike with other web hosting, you've got room to expand.
  • UK web hosting: For many of our customers, UK web hosting is important for search engine listings and to appeal to UK-based customers. All our web hosting fulfils these requirements.
  • 24x7x365 web hosting support: Whenever you have a web hosting question, our support team are on hand to help you with your web hosting account within minutes.
  • Web hosting on the go: Our iPhone control panel helps you manage your web hosting account whenever you are. Our web hosting control panel is also accessible via iPad and Android phones.
  • Web hosting tools: We offer one-click installs of a range of popular scripts as well as templates, generators, stock images and much more for cheap web hosting with all the benefits.
  • Web hosting guarantee: We offer a 30 day money back guarantee on our web hosting accounts.
  • DDoS Protection : Protection from all forms of DDoS attacks,Attacks Targeting DNS Servers,UDP,Slowloris,Teardrop,Ping of Death,TCP SYN + ACKT,IGMP,Spoofing,Brute Force,TCP RESET,ICMP,Zero-day DDoS Attacks,TCP Fragment,HTTP Flood,TCP ACK + PSH,Attacks targeting Apache Windows or OpenBSD Vulnerabilities,DNS flood Reflected ICMP and UDP,TCP ACK,CP FIN,Smurf,Connection Flood Mixed SYN + UDP or ICMP +UDP Flood
  • Green Power Hosting: The electricity that we use 100% from natural sources (wind energy) to be a Green Power Hosting Provider.
  • 10Gbps Servers: We support Dedicated server with unshared 10Gbps ports
  • Network availability :At the minimum 99.9% network availability
  • Payment methods :We accept more than 50 payment method